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January 15, look forward to the work of young people – personal statements – reviews and film etudes inspired by films of the School Film package. References can be very different, there may be about the subject of inspiration, climate, director of a person, or even a specific form. We invite you to like unlimited creative activities. The most important is the idea and commitment! Any plagiarism is prohibited. The winners are prepared attractive prizes (for installation programs, publications, film-themed packages of Polish films). In addition, the best films will be premiered in a cinema during the School Film Festival and will be released on DVD, and the best review will be published on the website of the program.

To apply for participation in the competition must be completed by 15 January 2013. Electronic application form available on the website http://www.ceo.org.pl/pl/filmotekaszkolna/news/konkurs-filmowy-filmoteki-szkolnej. Detailed information and competition rules are available at: http://www.ceo.org.pl/pl/filmotekaszkolna/news/konkurs-filmowy-filmoteki-szkolnej. / ** / jQuery (document) .ready (function ($) {jac_init ();}); var JACommentConfig = {jac_base_url: ‘/ component / jacomment /’ SITEURL: ‘/ component / jacomment /? tmpl = component & view = comments’, minLengthComment:’ 10 ‘, errorMinLength:’ Your comment is too short. ‘, maxLengthComment’ 5000 ‘, errorMaxLength:’ Your comment is too long. ‘isEnableAutoexpanding:’ 1 ‘, dateASC’ recent comments at the top ‘, dateDESC’ Latest comment in bottom ‘, votedASC:’ Most voted on top ‘, votedDESC’ Most voted in bottom ‘, strLogin:’ Login ‘, isEnableBBCode:’ 1 ‘, isEnableCharacterCounter:’ 0 ‘, isEnableLocationDetection:’ 0 ‘, commentFormPosition:’ 1 ‘, hdCurrentComment: 0, contentoption’ com_content ‘ContentID’ 2100 ‘, commenttype:’ 1 ‘, jacomentUrl’ https://www.edunews.pl/narzedzia-i-projekty/projekty-edukacyjne/2100-nakrec-sie ‘contenttitle:’ Make up! ‘, hidInputComment’ you must input comment. ‘, hidInputWordInComment:’ The words are too long you should add more spaces between them ‘, hidEndEditText:’ Please exit spell check before Submitting comment ‘, hidInputName:’ You must input name ‘, hidInputEmail:’ You must input email ‘, hidValidEmail:’ Your email is invalid ‘ hidAgreeToAbide: ‘You must agree that abide by the website rules’ hidInputCaptcha: ‘You must input the captcha’, textQuoting ‘Quoting’ textQuote ‘Quote’, textPosting ‘Posting’, textReply: ‘Reply comment’, textCheckSpelling: ‘No writing errors’, mesExpandForm ‘(+) is a Click Expand’ mesCollapseForm ‘(-) Click to Collapse’ theme ‘default’, txtCopiedDecode ‘Copied DCode’}; / ** / / ** / / ** // ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / / ** / function open_youtube (id) {jacCreatForm ( ‘open_youtube’, id, 400,200,0, 0, study bay ‘Embed a YouTube video’, 0, ‘Embed video’); } / ** / / ** / window.addEvent ( “load” function () {var url = window.location.hash; c_url = url.split ( ‘#’); d = 0; tmp = 0; if (c_url.length> = 1) {for (i = 1; i -1) {tmp = c_url [i]. split ( ‘:’) [1]; if (tmp! = “”) {id = parseInt (tmp, 10);}}}} url = “? tmpl = component & option = com_jacomment & view = comments & contentoption = com_content & ContentID = 2100 & wound = 1385853069” ; if (d! = 0) {url + = “& currentCommentID =” + id;} var req = new Request ({method: ‘get’, uRL url onComplete: function (text) {$ jacJQuery = jQuery; $ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html ($ jacJQuery ( ‘# Jac-wrapper’). html () + text); moveBackground (id ‘https://edunews.pl/’); jac_auto_expand_textarea (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper-.conversation avatar’). tooltip (); jacJQuery $ ( ‘# jac-wrapper and #jacTab: last’). it ( ‘shown’ function (e) {displayVotedComments ( ‘com_content’, ‘2100’); }); }}.) Send (); }); / ** / Tony Wagner, of Harvard University, believes that students can not cope with life, because schools are too busy preparing them to solve the tests. And such education effectively kills learning and student motivation, which no one encourages the effort, which is to expand your knowledge. Page 1 of 2 Wagner, in his speech to the members of the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), said that only students preparing for exams is another mistake. Such an approach to education interferes with the transmission of seven, as he called it, “survival skills” that every student should have before the completion of the school.

These remarks were made by Wagner during a forum held in Washington, where he presented a plan 10 punks – SETDA recommendation. Modern educators should, according to them: 1. Make sure that the technological tools and data sources are used constantly and on a par with other teaching aids. They should be used both to teach students to promote cooperation, as well as to assess. 2. Familiarize all students, regardless of the type of school, with activities in the area of ​​STEM (ang. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – Physics, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) .3.

Enable teachers permanent and continuous development zawodowy.4. Use virtual spaces for professional development of teachers, for example. Community or educational portals. 5. regularly incorporated into daily routines innovative, tested and carried out in a timely manner the tasks assessing students’ progress. 6. Encourage the relationship between home and school through the use of technology to inform parents about the progress of the students. 7. Provide appropriate measures, so that the school community have the infrastructure to support science-based technologies, including the system of assessment and e-learning. 8. Fight for social support for modern education on the part of different actors – students, teachers, parents, school administrators and local authorities.

9. Provide support for government reform the education system through the introduction of new technologies. 10. Increase funding for the purchase of equipment needed by schools and high-speed Internet connection. Cover the cost of operating a drug purchased urządzeń.Edukacja to the financial crisis? According to Wagner, who is the director of the Change Leadership Group at Harvard, economic change, so much needed in times of crisis, it depends on the changes in the educational system, including the design of the same curriculum. Many people believe that the skills that are required for students entering the labor market and the good useful citizens, two separate sets of competences.

But it’s not like that. Wagner said that what it provides students with success in the global labor market, also contributes to their success in life: “We need people who can ask good questions, and those who know how to engage others in a deep dialogue,” – he said. It is interesting that employers do not expect the candidates knowledge of the latest technology – they change so quickly, and so that employees need to constantly train. Tony Wagner visited many schools and observed classes using the latest technology, which also proved to be ineffective. Hence his opinion that not only modern equipment is needed in schools, but above all the education of students, so that they learn to think and look further than the reach of multiple-choice tests. He cited an interesting situation to support his thesis: “I went to a school that had a lot of AP courses (Advanced Placement – university-level courses available in schools).

I went to classes on political system. The teacher asked the students questions, and of course there is still the same student volunteered to answer. The rest of the class was silent laughs. Constantly he repeated the same pattern – the teacher asked a question and the student is reported again. At the end of the teacher he asked a thing I do not even know this student: “What is the Iron Triangle?”. Nobody volunteered, so the teacher, frustrated that he has so much to do within one class period, quickly wrote the correct answer on the board. ” In this way, teachers do not educate students, but their supply response needed to solve the tests. Skills XXI wiekuSposób how American youth is evaluated causes the level of education decreases, not increases.

It not measured skills for the twenty-first century, as is the case even in the European PISA tests. Students are forced to learn mainly for testing, and is not only limited but actually discourages them from learning objects, which are their passion. Along students test generation is definitely no lack of motivation, but that motivates them completely different things. According to Wagner, students like to do several things at the same time, attract the graphic elements and expect instant gratification. Besides, they know how to use different Web 2.0 tools and collaborate with others. If teachers fail to compete for their attention, they have a chance to be great thinkers, and more importantly, they will be happy to deepen their knowledge. Previous article Next article »» The emerging information society needs skilled workers freely using new technologies.

Graduates of technical colleges are so successful male in the labor market, but for those who choose to study this fact seems to be irrelevant. We see continued low interest in technical studies. Recently, during a conference held in Gliwice, gathered in the Forum of Technical Universities, students of technical universities around the country wondering how you can convince high school students to choose engineering studies. They decided that they would go after school and high school students to convince that it is worth to choose technical studies, design a special informer and will shoot a promotional video. Students recognize that they need to promote technical university in an accessible and prove licealistom that technical studies can be interesting and engaging fashion.

What is the reason for the reduced interest in studying technical fields? Perhaps the answer can be found in the results of research conducted in mid-December 2007. In the United States, where, as in Poland, less popular technical studies begins to be a problem for the economy. In the annual study on creativity and innovation conducted by MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – the most important American technical university (Levelson-MIT Invention Index) – almost 60% of high school students said that school simply does not prepare them adequately for a career engineering or related new technologies. Schools do not teach innovation. In turn, 72% of the young people believe that inventions and innovations can solve in the coming decade many of the problems related to the environment, such as global warming, water pollution, scarcity of fossil fuels. Two-thirds of respondents believed that they may discover in the future could solve these problems.

Here the views of young people vary significantly from the opinion of adults, of which only 38% felt that it could find ways to improve the environment. 79% of young people felt that there is a need for schools in practical classes conducted by project, which will deepen students’ knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The same percentage of students recognized the need for greater financial outlay for this type of activity. Commenting on the results Josh Schuler, head of the research project of MIT noted that it contains valuable information for those responsible for the system of education and training of students. “Today’s youth will inherit the great social problems and challenges related to the environment (…) we should point out the tools they will need to meet these challenges.” The role of the tutor in the school today is often symbolic, or at least insufficient. Often not a result of his reluctance, but with additional features, you must exercise, reconciling it with their normal duties. Yes, it helps and advises the teacher, sometimes even on his lessons, but it is not enough.

Page 1 of 2No just love children. To graduate from the specialty or pedagogical do true teacher, the aid should be comprehensive, and he gradually implemented duties. Driving lessons are still huge art. Since the issue of class domination by the competent operating time, the ability to flexibility in the choice of methods and forms of work, clear the translation issues, to adapt to the level of communication students of voice when dealing with difficult and unusual situations and much, much more. Theory about the profession probably scored adept (although this is not always in the curriculum), but the use of all of this in practice is a matter primarily of experience. And giving lessons it’s not everything. Learning, everyone makes mistakes, but not all errors are acceptable.

Why not admit license automatically at the rate of compulsory theoretical and drives? Why do some need extra lessons and skills of the trainee driver every time they sharply revised, often several times? Because of errors ignorant driver may depend on human life. From the mistakes made by inexperienced teacher’s students do not lose their lives, but is it worth it to let the experiment? Of course, there are those who do well from the very beginning (just like applying for a driving license) and do not need a lot of help. However, most definitely could use extended assistance in the first year of operation, when the caregiver placement would be present for some time in all lessons conducted by intern.

He should replace him at times, show how the item lessons can be drawn better, or what to change. Then each of the lessons in detail and to discuss the effect, do not be afraid to indicate errors and shortcomings, to help correct them. Show what was wrong, where there were errors, which is the right course of action and what can be modified.